Here we are again!

Since I last posted anything I have been around the world (America, Canada, UK), visited many friends and relatives, and had a whale of a time. Perhaps this is why you haven’t heard from me recently? This year my gallivanting has been much less time consuming, but I did go to Melbourne and Tasmania to catch up with my far-flung family in February.

I am thinking of some Australian travelling next year. There is so much of this vast country that I have not yet seen. And – incidentally – I have been doing some writing and publishing. I hope to have two books out before the end of 2011, and there are ideas floating for something in 2012.

I hope you are all busy writing, travelling, and above all enjoying life. It should not be wasted.  Power to your pen!

Launching and leaving!

Nearly 50 people came to help me launch my two collections of short stories on February 27 last. It was a happy afternoon in the very new Wanneroo Library complex, and I was greatly helped (and not a little flattered) by an old friend, Professor David Tunley, formerly at the Music Department of UWA. His kind references to the books certainly helped to sell them!

It became something of an old buddies reunion, with a number of friends with whom I had all but lost touch. So all in all it was a very worthwhile occasion – and I sold quite a lot of books, too!

My books can be bought by contacting me through this site; but from the end of April I shall be travelling overseas until the end of July, so sales can go through Trafford Publishing: email: (Dutch Point is only available from me or Amazon).

I hope to have plenty of news for you once I return home from what will be a round-the-world trip, during which I hope to visit the people at Trafford’s printing works in Vancouver.  Until August – happy reading!

Book launch on February 27th 2010, 2.30 pm

This has been a marathon effort. Unlike past book launches, this one has had to be postponed twice – and not because of me! Changes in the system at Trafford Publishing in Canada, the company which has published 5 of my books, have created delays and hiccups. But thank goodness, the first batch of books has arrived, so the launch will not have to go ahead without the books – which I had feared.

I decided to have the launch at the super new library complex in Wanneroo, which is about halfway between my home and the city of Perth, thus making it easy for most of my friends and, dare I say? fans to get there easily. If I survive the afternoon unscathed I will let you know next week how things went.

And if you are reading this before the above date, do come along.

More later!


Welcome to the new look for The Lagoon Press!

Welcome to the new new site for The Lagoon Press!

Over the next couple of months we will be cleaning the place up and migrating the old content over to the new format.